About the HBDIinteractive Experience

Be more productive. Think more creatively. Get better results. Whole Brain® Thinking gives you, your colleagues and team members the insight and ability to stretch preferred thinking styles and reach new levels of effectiveness. Starting with a mutual understanding of how thinking styles impact the way you work together, you'll gain the skills you need to interact more productively and move faster towards your goals.

Step 1 - HBDI®  Assessment

The experience begins with the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®), the world’s leading assessment tool. At the foundation of Whole Brain® Thinking, the HBDI® Profile identifies your preferred approach to thinking and helps you understand how different thinking styles affect behaviors in planning, work and communication.

Step 2 - HBDIinteractive  Experience

In the HBDIinteractive simulation environment of Preference Island, you’ll witness different thinking styles in action and have the opportunity to stretch your own style, applying the Whole Brain® Model to current real-life work issues. You’ll emerge from Preference Island™ with a new understanding of how Whole Brain® Thinking – by you, your colleagues, leaders and direct reports – can improve communications, spur innovation and creativity, and break down barriers to success.

HBDIinteractive is a modular, self-paced online simulation program comprised of 5 modules taking approximately 3 hours to complete, you will be able to start and stop as you desire:

Introduction – An introduction to the power and value of Whole Brain® Thinking.

Fundamentals – An overview of the Whole Brain® Model, which is the basis of the HBDI® Profile.

HBDI® Results – A step-by-step tour of your personalized HBDI® Profile, explaining how you prefer to think, learn, communicate and make decisions.

Communicating in Colors – An activity-based module designed to uncover communication styles and needs, and improve your skills both as a listener and a communicator.

Creating to Innovate – Exercises that will give you the opportunity to stretch your thinking style and apply Whole Brain® Thinking for better problem solving and innovation.

Online tools, including a comprehensive resource guide and personal private journal, provide support during the program and serve as ongoing reference materials for continuous application and reinforcement of the Whole Brain® Model.